We asked 11 people to reflect on Earth Hour 2020 and here is what they have to say

In the midst of social distancing and restricted movement due to Covid-19, how can we commemorate Earth Hour better as we reflect on where we fit in this grand ecosystem.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Even though it is Earth Hour tonight, many big events to commemorate this initiative have been cancelled around the globe due to social distancing and movement restrictions in midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The situation has also greatly affected people’s lives as we begin to re-evaluate our place on this planet. We also hear news from around the world of significant positive impacts on the environment such as reduced carbon emissions, clearer skies and the Venice Grand Canals running clear.

We asked a few individuals on how social distancing and restricted movement has impacted their life and how that in turn, affected their relationship with the planet. We also wanted to know what will they be doing for Earth Hour this year.

1) Sean Ghazi

Actor, Singer and Artistic Director of Bobo Kuala Lumpur

I'm wondering what our new normal is going to be once this is over. Will we need to be more like the Japanese who practice social distancing as part of their culture? I'm more aware of the fact that we need to co-exist with Mother Nature and not take things for granted.

Social distancing from another human being is one thing, but I do not like distancing myself from nature; and can't wait to see the ocean, feel the sand and smell the trees up close again. I've always been an animal and nature lover but I feel this period has taught me to walk the talk more and to be more of an advocate than I have previously been with regards to animal rights and other plights pertaining to planet Earth; ocean and forest protection in particular.

How you will commemorate Earth Hour this year: Being at home!

2) Tehmina Kaoosji

Independent Broadcast Journalist

As a media professional, the Covid-19 pandemic and social distancing measures to flatten the curve have deeply impacted the scope and scale of all my work. Facing people: be it meeting large groups of new people or individuals, forms the backbone of all the work I do, has currently grind to a complete halt, which has made me truly appreciate the simplest of human connection elements one takes for granted.

My relationship with the planet has evolved into that of a far more conscious consumer, I’ve noticed that I’m mindful of the supplies bought during my weekly grocery shopping. I’ve also been very glad to have the spare time to consistently amplify via my social media channels - the fundraising efforts of various NGO’s and also donated where I am able, according to a schedule. Aiding our most marginalised communities, particularly the Orang Asli who suffer so deeply during times of crisis, is absolutely essential.

How you will commemorate Earth Hour this year: By taking things slow and taking that hour to truly soak in the silence from my balcony. It will be nice to just stop and take time to really listen to the sounds of the night.

3) Chan Fong

Radio Announcer

Since the start of the Movement Control Order, I believe some of you may probably feel uneasy, especially during the first few days, you might have felt a bit moody, stressed, worried and anxious because you were forced to change your daily routine and businesses have been badly affected, too.

No matter how bad things might seem, there could be a silver lining to it. For example, in the last few days, I realised that the sky was bluer and the clouds were much whiter! Even the air has been much fresher. Under the MCO, people are less active, could this be a good thing for our planet? The less human activity, the less damage to the planet. It is probably time to give Mother Earth a break. Perhaps we should consider changing our way of life and our daily routine post-MCO, because these changes could be beneficial to ourselves, our family, and the Mother Earth.

How you will comm