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#MAKAN4MIGRANT - making sure no one is left out

The campaign aims to provide dry provisions for migrants who are struggling to cope due to the MCO.

Migrant workers are one of those who were heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as most of them were daily paid workers and due to the implementation of the MCO have lost their daily income. Ensuring that migrant workers basic needs are also taken care of, Our Journey, a non-profit in collaboration with Bar Council Migrants, Refugees and Immigration Affairs Committe, set out the #Makan4Migrants campaign. The campaign aims to provide dry provisions worth RM70 - RM75 per person for migrants who are struggling to cope with the financial constraint. The campaign managed to raise enough donation to provide for over 1000 migrant workers in 10 days and according to them the list to serve is ever-growing as always.

The team behind the campaign serves on a volunteer basis and shoulders their cost of travel and food.

If you wish to ease their burden and also to donate to the cause you can head on to their Facebook page at Our Journey.

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