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​​Epson and WWF to beef up marine restoration impact and achieve a low carbon future

© Jürgen Freund for WWF

Epson Southeast Asia has announced its partnership with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), as part of Epson’s commitment to co-create sustainable solutions and empower communities. The new partnership seeks to scale marine conservation impact and climate solutions across Southeast Asia by working with youths, citizen scientists, as well as businesses and local communities.

As a key part of Southeast Asia, and extending south towards the Pacific, marine and coastal resources from the Coral Triangle directly sustain the food and livelihoods of over 130 million people, with billions more tracing their food sources back to this region.

But decades of overfishing, unsustainable tourism and urbanisation, and the climate crisis threaten to destroy the critical marine and coastal habitats in and around the Coral Triangle.

Hence, Epson is supporting WWF to scale coral restoration efforts in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore, as well as mangrove restoration in the Philippines. By working with local stakeholders and institutions, these restoration efforts aim to support and restore the critically important marine ecosystem health, while building capacity among local communities as key stakeholders in the long-term maintenance and management of their coastal resources.

Epson will also support WWF to influence businesses and consumers to support the transition towards a low-carbon economy - by establishing a business case for decarbonisation and net-zero goals. Siew Jin Kiat, Regional Managing Director, Epson Southeast Asia said “We are extremely proud to be extending this focus on sustainability to the places we operate in by co-creating a myriad of eco-innovative solutions with WWF and local communities to truly make an impact on a greener tomorrow.”

To learn more about the partnership and to see how you can contribute, head on to

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​​Epson and WWF to beef up marine restoration impact and achieve a low carbon future
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