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Welcome to BRainSfeed, your go-to site for all things rainforest. Rainforests play a crucial role in the natural world. Sadly, most of the planet’s rainforests have disappeared and the remaining forests are shrinking.


Through BRainSfeed, we want to highlight the importance of rainforests to our planet’s health, especially the Belum-Temengor rainforest complex in Malaysia which is notable for being one of the oldest on Earth.

BRainSfeed is a joint-effort between communications specialists Strategic Public Relations Sdn Bhd, Pulau Banding Foundation and Belum Conservation Management - the conservation arm of EMKAY Group.


The name BRainSfeed derives from BRainS – short for Belum Rainforest Summit. Every two years, BRainS brings together intelligent minds from a diverse array of fields to discuss the issues affecting rainforests and propose solutions for rainforest conservation and sustainable use. The outcome of each Summit  extends far beyond the summit itself, with long term goals and actions to safeguard the future of Belum-Temengor and other rainforests across the globe.


On BRainSfeed, you will find easy-to-digest information about Belum-Temengor, allowing you to discover the numerous wildlife that inhabit one of the planet’s oldest but most poorly documented rainforests. We will also bring you the latest news about rainforest conservation and sustainability from all over the world. In addition to our main blog, we publish regularly on our social media pages which you can engage with.



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So tune into your inner tree hugger and #GetInvolved!

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